Weddings, Funeral/ Memorials, Cultural Events, Private Events, and More!

Book Clan MacLeod Pipes & Drums
for Your Next Event

SALPD is  available to bring an authentic touch to any event!  We do all types of events and every event we do we bring the tradition, style, and talent of old Scotland. Below is a list of some of the events we do, but feel free to contact us for any event you may have!
* Weddings
*Cultural Events
*Government Functions
* Private Events / Parties
* Funerals / Memorial Services
* Reinactments
* And many more!

We can cover any event, any size!

You can:

Book a Single Piper

Book a Small Group

Book The Whole Band

We rehearse for every event and have different levels of authenticism for your needs. From full formal attire to a more casual traditional wardrobe we can match any setting.

Clan MacLeod has a large body of instruments so weather you want the entire group or just a small section we can accomodate your needs from trios to ensembles.

Authentic playlists and traditional song selection brings a flare of history with anyu performance we do. We have an extensive repitoire and can learn new tunes as well!

Booking us for your event is easy and affordable. Just fill out the form below and we'll contact you to get details about your event. We will give you a pricing quote and all the information you need to make your event something really special!

All information is private, we do not distribute information for any reason or purpose, your privacy is important to us.  Thank you for chosing us!

Let us know you want us at your event!

Just enter your information below and we'll reach out to get the details and give you a quote for exactaly what you want, or you can find our contact information here!

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