Clan MacLeod
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Preserving traditional Scottish heritage through performance and instruction.

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Welcome to the St. Andrew's Legion which is not just a Pipe Band, but a  Scottish Heritage Society with several Pipes & Drums groups within. Our story began back in 2001 with what was known then as the St.Andrew's Legion Pipes & Drums. During those years the band performed all throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and United States East Coast in Scottish Festivals, Military, Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement events: We have also inspired other bands in the region.  

Today, we have two bands united for a common goal. The first is the Clan MacLeod Pipes & Drums. which was launched at Stone Mountain Games, Georgia by Chief John MacLeod, 18th Chief of the MacLeods of Raasay. The group itself is the starting point for the MacLeod Pipes & Drums association which strives to unite MacLeods and those who affiliate with the Clan, as Pipers & Drummers, for fraternal efforts and to get together for special occasions. Most of the members are also members of the American CLan MacLeod Society USA

Second is the Benedictine Pipes & Drums of Benedictine College Preparatory School in Richmond, Virginia. Four of the original St.Andrew's Legion teach the Cadet Pipers & Drummers of the school, and both group perform separately and jointly depending on the event. Benedictine has a rich history in Richmond Virginia since 1911.

 You will find three tartans in the overall organization thus far. The first is the Batten of Argyll (purple) which was designed for those of the surname Batten/Baddenach (various spellings and the descendants of the first 29 SCOTTISH women and children sent to the Jamestown Colony). Today, the tartan is used on some occasions but mainly worn by non performing members who are honorably recognized.

The MacLeod of Raasay (red) worn by the Clan MacLeod Pipes & Drums USA . 

And the MacLean Hunting Tartan (green/white) worn by the Benedictine Cadet Pipes & Drums. 

Tradition and Heritage

The St.Andrew's Legion is committed to preserving Scottish Heritage through observation of music styles, uniform dress, performance etiquette: our History, Culture, and who we actually come from, something that many feel that is falling away. We strive to produce an authentic representation of Scottish culture so that everyone can enjoy and learn about the rich history of the Scottish peoples. Our organization is truly probably one of the most diverse groups with all the various backgrounds that make up the memberships, but we identify as Scottish Highland. Besides the musical part, we also have members who lecture at various schools, colleges, festivals, special events, and museums on Highland Heritage, tartan, piping, Highland Immigration to America, and the History of the Clans.

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